Public Speaking: I am available for speaking engagements. I primarily speak to youth and youth service professionals. In an industry where there is a huge disconnect between the service provider and the young people they aim to serve, it is important to have someone who has both been served by organizations targeting at-risk youth and worked with organizations providing such services. I speak to young people about my own story. Having survived growing up in the streets of Washington DC, a tumultuous relationship with my own father, and having lost several close friends along the way, I have a story that I hope will inspire others. Many young people, whether at risk or not, find themselves in similar situations. My story is one of survival, overcoming, and an unwavering desire to rise above any and all adversity. I speak to youth service professionals on ways to connect with the youth they serve, how to tear down the walls of separation and build professional relationships that foster the personal trust needed to reach the youth.

Youth Program Development: My team develops youth programs for middle, junior and high school students. Our program development team includes current and former youth service providers, teachers, and current after school program directors. Our programs are developed to fit the specific needs of an organization. We develop our programs using specific information gathered from the Organization’s staff and resources available to the organization. Our programs are built using music and media as the platforms, but our aim is to capture our participants’ attention and excitement but, more importantly, to impart the lessons and skills that are important to the organization’s goals and to our participants’ development.


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